How to Winterize Your Sliding Patio Doors

Windows during winter

Sliding patio doors are often overlooked during the winter season, yet they need to be properly prepared for the winter season. In this blog, Asher Lasting Exteriors shares an overview of how to winterize your sliding patio doors.

Why Should You Winterize Your Sliding Patio Doors?

Sliding patio doors provide natural light and heat from the sun, as well as helping keep that heat indoors with insulated glass. Without preparation, heat can leak through the doors, resulting in uncomfortable areas, and heat loss that leads to high heating bills.

How to Winterize Your Sliding Patio Doors

Fortunately, winterizing sliding and hinged entry doors is not as difficult, and can be done during a weekend:

  1. Remove Debris from the Doors — Debris from the yard tends to collect at the foot of the door. Keep the door closed and sweep the door clean from the outside. This area needs to be clean, otherwise dirt and debris can become obstructions that will prevent the doors from running smoothly.
  2. Replace Weatherstripping — Replacing the weatherstripping can help make sure the spaces between the sash and frame are properly sealed. Most types of door weatherstripping can be easily purchased at most hardware stores. Make sure the areas where the old weatherstripping are thoroughly cleaned before installing new ones.
  3. Apply Plastic Wrap — Many homeowners resort to applying shrink wrap to their windows to prevent heat loss. The same can be done to your sliding doors, but it will take more work. This will prevent you from using your sliding patio door until you remove the plastic wrap, but it can help prevent heat loss if you’re expecting heavy snowfall.
  4. Install Insulated Drapes — For slight drafts, insulated drapes can be installed over the sliding patio doors. While this doesn’t seal the sliding patio doors, it can help prevent heat from escaping the room.

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