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Understanding Window Replacement Cost: Factors, Budget and Financing

Speciality window replacement in front of home by Asher Exteriors.

When tackling a larger home project, each choice you make will have a direct impact on the total cost. As a homeowner, you want to understand these factors so you stay in control of your budget.

When it comes to windows, replacement costs depend on the material, size, brand, and the company you work with. According to Angie’s List, the cost to replace windows can range from $175 to $700 per window. Higher-end or custom options can reach $1,200 per window.

Considering new windows for your home? We’ve compiled a list of key factors that will affect your window replacement costs, so you feel confident about your choice and receive the beautiful windows you and your home deserve.

Types of Windows

This is your first and most important choice in controlling the replacement window cost. The most common types of windows are:

  • Double Hung: Found on most residential homes, they slide vertically, up and down.
  • Single Hung or Classic: The bottom half moves while the top remains in place.
  • Sliding: A popular choice for large window sizes, this option slides horizontally.
  • Bay: These decorative windows usually extend out from a room.
  • Picture: Most picture windows are larger for views and light. They don’t open.

Frames are usually wood or vinyl. For a low-maintenance, more affordable option, go with the vinyl, as wood frames require regular painting and staining.

If you’re interested in an energy-efficient window solution, or if traditional window designs don’t work with the architecture of your home, you might consider our selection of Renewal by Andersen® specialty windows. Available in a variety of different window styles, colors, shapes and sizes, you can choose the best material and glass option for your home. Fibrex®, for example, offers a better window framing material, as it’s a low-maintenance composite using real wood fiber and offers you more glass coverage. To learn more about this and other maintenance-free options, check out our video

Replacing vs. Adding

How much to replace windows also depends on how many windows you need. The more you buy, the less you’ll pay per window. If you’re looking to replace all your home’s windows, you’ll have a higher total project cost, but it’s an investment that will last 20 to 40 years.  

Adding new windows is a great way to incorporate light and additional views to your home. Installation costs may be higher than the cost of replacement windows with the additional labor.

Total Project Costs

Your window replacement cost will also depend on the window installation cost. Labor can account for 50% of your budget, depending on the company. Plan to pay about $150 per window for installation.

If replacing an entire window and frame down to the studs, add $50 to $100 per window. Clean-up and disposal are additional window installation costs to ask about.

Financing Options

Figuring out how much to replace windows will depend on your specific project. Many companies offer financing options to ensure you get the best replacement windows for your home. Applications are usually quick with a range of loan amounts available. Remember to ask about different incentives for paying off the loan within a set period.

As you crunch the numbers, be confident in your home investment. The ROI for window replacement is anywhere from 71-78%. You’ll also enjoy up to 15% savings on your heating and cooling bill with energy efficient options.

Window Replacement Near You

The best replacement windows suit your style, budget, and home’s layout. Asher Lasting Exteriors is your connection to high-quality windows and expert installation that enhance your home’s comfort and appearance. Learn more about how we can help! 

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Windows Are Leaking

Rain drops on exterior of window

There’s nothing better than finding shelter in the calm sanctuary of your home, especially during a thunderstorm. But if you’re noticing rain leaking from your windows, you might not feel as safe and protected from the outdoor elements.

A popular question we hear from customers is “why are my windows leaking?” The answer can vary, but over time, windows weaken with age. And without regular inspection and required maintenance, other elements that help support the foundation of your window (e.g. frame, caulking, sealant, etc.) can wear out as well, leaving your windows more vulnerable to water damage and mold. 

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Windows Are Leaking

  1. Older Windows: If you’ve recently purchased an older home, or you’ve had the same window fixtures for decades (i.e. 20 years), it’s more than likely you’re experiencing water leaking issues and noticing signs of rotting or damage on your window frames. 
  2. Poor Filtration System: Your home’s rain gutters help protect your yard, foundation, and basement from leaks and water damage. However, if your current filtration system is damaged, rusting, or overflowing, it can cause concentrated amounts of water to pour over your windows. And over time, your windows’ sealant may weaken and fail to block incoming water, which may create cracks in the exterior lining, where water can enter into your home. 
  3. Poor Exterior Molding: Windows experience a lot of wear and tear throughout the seasons, and over time, your exterior casing may begin to crack or loosen, creating entry points for rain and moisture to seep in and cause damage.  

How Do You Stop a Window from Leaking?

Depending on the condition of your windows and how water is getting in, a simple repair may do the trick! However, if your windows are outdated, showing early signs of decay, or causing your energy bill to increase each month, a professional window replacement may be the best option! 

At Asher Lasting Exteriors, we proudly offer a full range of Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows to suit your home’s needs, architectural structure, and budget. Whether you’re noticing leaking from your bow or bay window, double-hung windows, or specialty windows, you can find the support and professional replacement you need to keep your exterior spaces protected and prevent water damage inside your home. 

Home Window Replacement Companies Near Me

Trust Asher Lasting Exteriors for high-quality windows replacement services. Our trained technicians will equip your home’s windows with quality brand name products and professional installation services, so you never need to worry about leaking windows disrupting your home’s tranquil setting. Request a free quote today, or schedule a tour of our showroom to view samples. 

We look forward to helping you with your window replacement needs! 

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