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When Is the Best Time to Buy Windows and Replace Them?

best time to buy windows

The best time to buy windows depends on several factors that change with every season. Learn if there is a best time of year to replace windows and how to determine when your windows need to be replaced. 

Windows are bought and installed all year round. Each season carries with it different advantages and disadvantages for a window replacement. We’ve compiled all the key information you’ll need to find the best time to install windows in your home. No matter the season, you’ll want a professional technician like the experts at Asher to make sure your new windows are installed correctly.

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Windows?

The best time to buy windows and doors may not be the best time to install them. If you’ve got these home renovation projects on your to-do list, keep an eye out for seasonal sales even if you don’t plan to install windows or doors for a while.

Overall, the best time to replace windows is whenever your windows need to be replaced. Unless you live somewhere with harsh seasonal climates, window installation can be done any time. When looking for the best time of year to replace your windows, consider these three things:

  • The best time to buy windows and doors may not be the best time to install them.
  • Window costs can vary depending on brand, style, size, and material.
  • It’s best to replace your windows before they start losing heat.

What to Know About Replacing Windows in the Spring

Replacing your windows when the weather’s warm (but not hot) will keep your home from losing too much energy to heating or cooling. The average time to install replacement windows is between 45 minutes to an hour per window. Multiply this by the number of windows you’re replacing and you’ll know how long your house will be open to the outdoors.

In temperate weather, the amount of time your windows are open makes little difference. But, in cold or hot weather, every hour will cost you. What you do need to worry about in spring are sudden rain showers and bad weather that could delay your project.

The Verdict on Spring

Spring can be a good time to replace your windows, but it’s also when others replace their windows as well. Competition amongst other buyers can drive up the price of installation and make it hard to find a time that works for you. When looking to replace your windows in the spring, consider these factors:

  • Spring has the ideal temperatures in most climates.
  • Watch out for spring storms that could delay your project.
  • Competition is tough in the spring, so plan months in advance.

What to Know About Replacing Windows in the Summer

Summer is another common time to replace windows. Like the spring, summertime is hot. More people can withstand letting some heat come in through open windows during the summer season.

It is also easier to cool your home after window installation by leaving your windows open during summer nights. However, you’ll still have the stormy weather to watch out for, and the newly awakened wildlife that might be checking out your open windows.

The Verdict on Summer

Summer can be a great time to replace your windows, but you’ll need to find a contractor with available time for the job. Rates can rise along with the demand, so if you’re on a budget this may not be the season for you. A few notes about replacing your windows in the summer include:

  • Installation times may be shorter with good weather and plenty of light.
  • Leaving your windows open at night can cool your home for free.
  • Popularity means you may have to pay a premium for installation.

What to Know About Replacing Windows in the Fall

Fall is the season many people start to think about the cold drafts coming through their windows. Luckily, Fall is not the most popular season, so finding a contractor to do the window installation job before winter shouldn’t be an issue. The main disadvantages you’ll face are heat loss, shortening days, and fall debris cluttering the workplace.

The Verdict on Fall

If you missed the window for your summer project, don’t worry too much. Fall is a great time of year for window replacements. You can still seal up your home to get the most energy savings possible in the winter months to come. The few highlights of replacing your windows in the fall are:

  • Temperate weather brings down heating and cooling costs.
  • Contractors are freeing up so you won’t have to pay premiums or wait too long.
  • It’s the perfect time to ensure a tight seal before winter sets in.

What to Know About Replacing Windows in the Winter

Winter is the best time to buy new windows but it may not be the best time to install them. Many retailers offer discounts and great sales that can save you money on your material costs. Installers also offer discounts in the off-season, but you need to compare them to the cost of reheating your home after installation.

If you are only replacing a few windows, you may be able to seal off the room and reduce your heat loss. However, if you are replacing all your windows, you may want to look for another place to stay until the work is finished.

The Verdict on Winter

Winter is the off-season for most window replacement specialists, so there are great deals to be found. If you don’t mind a cold house for a few days, you can get your project done cheaply and quickly. It’s important to consider your savings on installation versus losses on heating before you decide. Here are a few factors affecting window replacements in the winter:

  • Materials and installation can be much less expensive.
  • Replacing windows from one room at a time can minimize heat loss.
  • You won’t have to work around the contractors’ busy schedules.

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When to Buy New Windows

The best time to replace your windows is before they start to increase your monthly energy bills. Look for the telltale signs that your windows are ready to retire so you can find replacements before it’s too late.

Are Your Windows Drafty?

All windows allow a certain amount of air inside, but it should never be noticeable. When your closed and locked windows are still drafty, it’s a cause for concern. If air can get in, so can water, dirt, and insects. It also means that the desired temperate air is escaping.

You may be able to temporarily solve the draft issue with new weather strips. It’s a different story, however, when the framing material itself has bent out of shape after expanding and contracting with extreme temperature swings.

Are They Difficult to Operate?

Windows should be smooth and easy to operate. Over time, they can become sticky and difficult. One of the clearest signs that you need a window replacement is when you struggle to open and close your windows regularly.

If you have a hard time keeping your windows open or closed, then replacements are in order. Our high-quality windows from Renewal by Anderson ensure lasting performance.

Does Condensation Gather?

Condensation between the glass panes of your windows can indicate seal failure. If the seal fails, moisture can enter the spaces between your glass panes and cause condensation. This not only affects your view through the window but also your home’s energy efficiency. Replacing the window will save you money on energy and improve your standard of living.

Is Your Energy Bill Rising?

If you still have antiquated single-pane windows, you’re wasting a ton of energy without realizing it. Today’s standard is double-pane glazing to boost your home’s thermal insulation and meet the ENERGY STAR®’s energy-efficiency requirements.

If you have double-pane windows that sweat inside the glass sheets, you aren’t getting the high performance you expect from them. The presence of condensation between panes is indicative of seal failure and moisture infiltration. Without new windows, your HVAC system has to work harder and use more energy to keep you comfortable.

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How to Find the Best Place to Buy Windows

Finding the best time to buy new windows is only half the battle. You still have to find a retailer that can provide the best quality windows for your home and climate. Most companies deal with a select few window brands and may not carry what you need.

You should also be looking for a company with certified installation technicians who can not only get the job done right but offer you the best warranty on their work. When looking for a trusted window replacement company, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the company carry the window brand I want?
  • Is the company brand certified to install their windows?
  • Is the company local with a showroom to browse?

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