When Is The Best Time To Buy Windows And Replace Them?

While windows last for a long time, they still generally need to be replaced every 15-20 years. But when is the best time to replace your windows? And how long does it take to replace a window? 

If you’re asking, “When is the best time to buy replacement windows?” our guide will help walk you through the process. There are benefits and drawbacks of replacing windows in each season. Still, no matter when you decide to get new windows, Asher’s expert team can provide the professional experts you need for long-lasting windows.

Glass casement windows in white kitchen

Asher’s premium Renewal by Andersen® windows are the highest quality and promise longevity and durability. 

What Is The Best Time of Year To Replace Windows?

So, when is the best time of year to replace windows? The best time to buy new windows may not be the best time to install them. If you’re looking to start renovating your home to improve your curb appeal and energy efficiency or prep for selling your home, keep an eye out for seasonal sales to get your windows at the best value.

Otherwise, there is no single best time to replace windows. Unless you live somewhere with a harsh seasonal climate, window installation can be done at nearly any time. Some aspects to consider when looking into the best time of year to replace windows include:

  • The best time to purchase windows may not be the best time to install or replace them
  • Window cost generally varies depending on brand, style, material, and size
  • It’s better to replace your windows before they start letting out the heat or cold (depending on the season)

Window Replacement Timeline: How Long Does It Take To Replace A Window?

How long does it take to install windows? There are multiple factors to consider for how long a window replacement takes. This timeline goes beyond how long it takes to simply remove the original window and install a new one. Other aspects to think about include:

  • Planning period
  • Designing period
  • How long it takes to craft the windows
  • Shipment period
  • Installation period

Some of these timelines overlap with each other. However, it’s important to understand what each of these periods entails. The planning period involves determining what kind of windows you’ll need. If you need custom ones, the designing and crafting period may take longer.

Also, installer availability or weather conditions may affect the shipment and installation periods. These processes may all affect when is the best time to replace windows. These considerations all affect the answer to the question, “How long does it take to install a window?”

best time to buy windows is winter while best time to install windows is from the spring to fall

New windows are a great way to refresh the front of your home.

Seasonal Considerations For Window Replacement

Seasonally, when is the best time of year to replace windows? Each season can play a role when determining when to buy new windows. A professional team of window experts from Asher can help you plan accordingly for your window replacement needs.

Some seasonal considerations to keep in mind when looking into the best time to install windows are listed below.

Replacing Windows In The Spring

Replacing your windows when the weather is warm – not hot – can keep your home from losing too much energy to heating or cooling. This makes spring a popular time for the best time of year to buy windows. However, this can also lead to longer wait times and higher prices among installers, as everyone else thinks it is also the best time to get new windows. However, the moderate weather and improved energy efficiency make spring a hard time to pass up.

Replacing Windows In The Summer

When is the best time to buy windows – Is it summer? Many homeowners also take advantage of summer’s nicer weather to replace windows. The summer is warmer, so you may lose some energy because of the weather and the windows being replaced. Rates may also increase during this time, as many people also replace their windows during this season. Overall:

  • The installation process may be shorter due to nice weather
  • Rates may be higher due to limited availability
  • Heat may also affect the materials of the windows, as some materials expand in the heat

Replacing Windows In The Fall

The fall weather usually means the cold season is about to begin. While contractors can still replace windows during this time, homeowners may not think it’s the best time to buy replacement windows, as worsening weather and shorter days are factors to consider. However, other things to think about include:

  • Contractors generally have a more open schedule, meaning less wait time and potentially cheaper costs
  • It’s a great time to seal your windows and home from cold air before winter
  • Temperate weather can help bring down heating or cooling costs during installation

Replacing Windows In The Winter

When is the best time to buy new windows – Could it be winter? While winter may not be the best time to install them, they often are the best time to buy them, as many companies offer discounts during the off-season. However, due to the weather and heat loss, winter can be a tricky time to replace windows. Other factors affecting replacing windows in the winter include:

  • Materials and installation costs are often less expensive
  • Replacing windows one room at a time can help minimize heat loss
  • Contractors’ schedules are less busy

Modern black windows can help reduce heat loss in the winter.

Large single pane windows

When to Buy New Windows: 4 Key Considerations

Generally, the best time to get new windows is before your old windows start to increase your energy bills. Some of the telltale signs of your windows starting to not work correctly include:

  • Drafty windows
  • If you have difficulty operating your windows
  • If condensation is gathering quickly or too often
  • If your energy bills are showing higher costs

Are Your Windows Drafty?

If your windows are closed and locked but are still letting air in, this can be a sign it’s the best time to buy windows. Drafty windows can also mean bugs, dirt, and water can enter your home. Installing new windows can help fix all these issues.

Are They Difficult to Operate?

Over time, windows can become difficult to operate. They may stick or just not work correctly. Replacing them is the next step if you struggle to open or close your windows.

Does Condensation Gather?

If condensation gathers between the glass panes of your windows, this can indicate a seal failure. This affects your home’s energy efficiency and overall quality of the windows. Replacing your windows can save you money and improve the quality of your view.

Is Your Energy Bill Rising?

If your energy bill continues to rise and you don’t know why, it may have to do with the quality of your windows. Get in touch with Asher’s team to determine the best way to fix your energy efficiency and get long-lasting windows and doors.

three double hung windows in an autumn colored living room with trees outside

Single-hung or double-hung windows can also impact your home’s energy efficiency.

How To Find The Best Place To Buy Windows

Determining the best time to replace your windows, along with how long it takes, is only part of what you need to consider. You must also find a reputable retailer to provide the best quality windows for your home. Working with a quality company like Asher ensures that you get the job done right. Some other aspects to consider when determining the best place to buy windows are:

  • Their average time to install replacement windows
  • Their reputation and reviews
  • Their pricing and warranty options
  • Their product quality

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