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Black Windows: A Modern Trend Here To Stay


Beautiful modern home with black window frames viewed from the outside

Houses with black windows have a bold, modern look. Black windows are installed on newly constructed homes, and this growing trend can give a refreshing new look when remodeling an older home, too. You’ll see these dark-framed windows as an architectural feature on many styles of modern homes from ranches to farmhouses.

Choosing windows that are right for your home and in your budget can be tricky. There are several window styles to choose from, not to mention other factors that you’ll want to take into consideration. Here is what you need to know about the black windows trend, pros and cons, and options and ideas to get started with it at your home.

Are Black Windows a Trend?

Black windows have become the trendy choice for many homeowners. Despite their original use on industrial buildings during the 1900s, modern black windows have become one of the most sought-after home trends of the current era.

When did black windows become so trendy? The design was first used in the 20th century, primarily on industrial buildings. Gradually, they began to appear in houses, and in the last few years, this trend has really exploded.

Why are they so popular? From the outside, black windows look bold and create contrast against light color schemes. From the inside, they can make views of the outdoors more vibrant. The black frames seemingly blend into the glass, creating a smooth look. Many opt not to install curtains or window shades to avoid taking away from the contrast the frames provide, especially as sunlight shines on the home and into the windows.

Interior view of a beautiful home with black window and door frames

Black Window Frames – Interior or Exterior? 

When designing or remodeling, homeowners must choose between black interior and exterior windows. One common misconception is that all windows must match in size and style. This simply isn’t true. Depending on layout and design, different styles can be used.

Interior Advantages:

  • Contrast: Black window frames create contrast, especially against light colors, white, in particular. Black frames with white decor are popular in modern home designs.
  • View: Black windows on the interior outline beautiful views and the frames can seemingly blend into the window.
  • Focal Point: Black windows create a focal point in a house. It’s a great way to accentuate scenic landscapes.

Exterior Advantages:

  • Contrast: Black window frames on the exterior create contrast against light-colored siding and trim.
  • Versatility: Exterior black window frames are versatile, leaving homeowners with plenty of flexibility when it comes to design. They can blend in with darker sidings or stand out with light-colored siding.
  • Curb Appeal: Black windows give homes a bold look. If you plan to sell your home in the future, they’ll certainly increase your home’s curb appeal.

dark framed windows seen from inside of a beautiful modern apartment

Where Do Black Windows Work Best?

It’s no doubt that the black window trend will remain popular for years to come, but are they right for every home? There are some factors to consider when it comes to installing black trim windows.

  • Sunlight will certainly impact how the windows look. When direct sunlight hits the home, you’ll be able to see out just fine, but it can be difficult to see in without light from the interior of the home.
  • Black metal windows will become hot to the touch in high temperatures. In cool, wet climates, these same black metal window frames may be more vulnerable to rust. If your windows aren’t energy-efficient, extreme hot or cold temperatures may impact your electric bill.

The Advantages of Black Windows: Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing window frames. How will it affect the look of your home? Do black frame windows cost more? While black windows have soared in popularity over recent years, they may not be for everyone depending on home design and budget.

Black windows on a white home with a red door


  • Creates contrast
  • Increases curb appeal
  • Versatile design options


  • Black windows are more costly than other options
  • Direct sunlight can impact look
  • Busy interior or exterior designs will distract from black window frames

Black or White Windows?

When buying a new home or remodeling, what are some of the characteristics that should be considered when choosing windows? It really depends on the style and looks you’re going for, not to mention the price.

White windows provide a classic look and are ideal for homes with detailed designs. On the other hand, black windows provide a bold, visually appealing look on both new and remodeled homes.

Considering Black Window Frame Costs

The cost of black frames is typically higher than white window frames. This is largely due to demand, and that black frames aren’t generally stocked by builders and manufacturers. Oftentimes, they must be special ordered.

Another factor that contributes to their higher cost is materials. Steel frames are a popular (and more expensive) choice, but there are options that can save a little money, such as vinyl and aluminum.

Black Window Frame Ideas: Bold Styles & Materials 

Black window frames can be made of different types of materials. Some of the most common include vinyl, aluminum, and steel. Of these different materials, steel typically runs at a higher price point. Black vinyl replacement windows, while a cheaper option, don’t have the same lifespan as metal or steel.

black window frame with a bird sitting in it looking outside

Black Window Materials

Choose your window materials wisely. Climate, especially sunny and warm areas, can impact the type of material you’ll want to use. If exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures, the materials can become extremely hot, some more so than others. Homeowners in a hot climate may opt for vinyl or fiberglass.

Common black window frame materials are:

  • Fiberglass: Black fiberglass windows are durable and stronger than other materials, such as vinyl.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a strong, long-lasting option for black windows. This material is best used in mild climates because aluminum provides poor insulation, which, over time, may result in higher heating and cooling costs.
  • Steel: Black steel windows tend to be the most expensive option but are extremely strong and durable. Steel can rust, but nowadays, manufacturers treat them to make them corrosion-free.
  • Vinyl: Black vinyl windows are friendlier in cost but aren’t as durable as other options. Though they may not last as long, you’ll still get many years out of vinyl windows with a little maintenance.

Black Window Styles

The type of material isn’t the only consideration when purchasing interior or exterior black window frames. If your home is small, you may opt for a window style that will provide more ventilation. If you want to showcase a view, a picture window may suit your needs. Find more tips on showcasing beautiful views.

Popular window styles include:

  • Double Hung: Black double-hung windows can open at the top, bottom, or both areas. Not only is this great for ventilation, but it also makes cleaning the outside of your windows a simple task since the window has the ability to open inward.
  • Casement: Black casement windows operate like a door, opening out or in with hinges along the side. Casement windows that open outward are more exposed to the elements, so keep the area’s climate in mind if selecting this window style.
  • Picture: A black picture window is a large window without any obstructions that acts almost like a picture frame. This is a great option for making a scenic view the focal point of a room.
  • Bay and Bow: Bay and bow windows are similar, yet different. Both are sectioned windows that are designed to push outward away from the house.
  • Sliding: Sliding windows are horizontal or vertical. They provide plenty of ventilation, making them a perfect option for small rooms or spaces.
  • Awning: Awning windows have hinges at the top and can be pushed outward to open. These can be combined with a larger window, such as a picture or standalone.

Tips for Selecting Black Windows: Questions To Ask Yourself

Selecting windows is a costly decision. There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting black replacement windows.

  • What is the purpose of the windows? Are you only looking to let in natural light, or do you want to use them as an accent?
  • Keep the design of your home in mind when selecting windows, particularly the architectural style. Read more in our guide on how windows influence interior design.
  • How much ventilation do you need? If you’re adding windows to basements or small rooms, you may want to consider windows that open wide for extra ventilation.
  • What color are the interior and exterior of your home? Black windows on the exterior or interior may blend in if your home is a dark color or has dark trim. If there are light colors, the black frames will act as the perfect accent.
  • Climate may affect your decision when choosing the type of materials to use, as well as the style.


The view of the outdoors through black frames

Go Bold With Modern Black Windows From Asher

Looking to upgrade your décor? Houses with black window frames can make a passerby stop for a second look. If you’re building a new home or simply remodeling, black windows create a unique and modern look for any home.

Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons and considered the many different window styles, it’s time to get a quote for your black replacement windows.

Our customers have the best experience when they choose Asher Exteriors for new or replacement windows. Our talented team of remodeling professionals gets the job done right every time. From new windows and doors to gutters and outdoor structures, we do it all. If you’re ready to upgrade your home, contact us today.

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