13 Exterior Window Trim Ideas to Beautify Your Home

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When planning a home, every detail counts. Exterior design is just as important as interior design. A home that is outfitted with the perfect exterior window trim makes all the difference. From PVC exterior window trim to stucco and vinyl window trims, the choice for window trim ideas is endless.

Exterior window trim is one aspect of design that often goes overlooked. It affects a home’s aesthetic continuity and character. To the delight of many homeowners, window trims serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Choosing the correct type of trim is an important consideration when it comes to perfecting your dream home. In this guide, we will be looking at 13 distinctive window trim ideas and what to consider when choosing the right type of trim. For more inspiration on exterior home styles, explore our trends for exterior house colors and designs.

Beautiful home with eye-catching exterior window trim

Window Trim, Molding, Casing, Framing: What’s the difference? 

The following terms are used interchangeably by contractors and home professionals, but they have slight differences. We’ll have a closer look at these differences below.

  • Trim: The material used around windows and doors, or at floors and ceilings where they meet the wall.
  • Molding: More elaborate in style and detail, usually used as more of a decorative item, typically wider than trim.
  • Casing: The covering of the space between a window frame and the wall edge, typically thicker than trim.
  • Framing: The material used to frame the perimeter of doors or windows, typically a thinner style of trim.

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13 Examples of Stunning Exterior Window Trim Styles

There are many outside window trim ideas and options to get you excited and motivated to redesign your own home. From layered trims to farmhouse window trim, there are sure to be a few styles that spark your passion.

For more window design ideas, check out some of our other guides where we discuss modern window trends and the difference between bay and bow windows.

Image of a home with colorful, flat window trim

Flat Trim

Flat trim is the most common type of trim found on new windows. This look is relatively contemporary, slim, and comes in everyday color schemes. This style of trim is for those who seek a clean finish to their home on a budget. Adding a decorative windowsill to this style is very popular. Overall, a great option to accentuate the lines of your house.

Image of a white house with bold maroon trim

Substantial Bold Trim

Bold trim exists to be seen. This powerful style comes in many colors and is usually used to create a contrast against a home’s siding. Substantial bold trim is a relatively inexpensive and simple option that gives depth and weight to the home’s exterior.

Image of a home with layered window trim

Layered Trim

Layered trim is for those who want to show detail in their home. This is a very popular style that highlights the windows with a layered look, regardless of the other details on the exterior. Although it may be slightly more expensive than a simple trim, that layered look is worth it to many homeowners.

There are a number of layering styles within this design choice, so the ultimate outcome really just depends on the style of layering used. It is a fantastic option for any home and particularly complementary for homes with bay windows.

Image of a beautiful home with wood exterior window trim

Wood Trim Around Windows

Wooden trim produces a natural finish and looks great with white siding. This option requires maintenance as wood will tend to rot after being exposed to the elements. Measures can be taken to extend the life of wooden trim, such as priming and painting the wood.

Image of an apartment building with fun, colorful exterior window trim

Colorful Exterior Window Trim

Colorful trims allow for a playful look. If being creative and whimsical are a part of your style, making your windows pop with color is a great way to express that part of yourself. This trim style uses different tonalities to give an artistic finish. This style may be slightly more expensive, depending on the color chosen. However, it is an exceptional way to give your home some vibrancy.

Image of a home with vinyl window trim

Vinyl Window Trim

Vinyl trim is probably the most popular style. It has excellent heat and moisture resistance. This option is also generally quite sturdy. Unlike certain wood trims, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them. Vinyl looks amazing on modern homes and provides a clean finish. The only drawback: there are limited variations and colors available.

Another great option related to vinyl is PVC exterior window trim. Made from polyvinyl chloride in a honeycomb cellular structure, PVC is completely waterproof.

Image of a building with simple window trim

Simple Window Trim

Simple trim is for those who want to add a subtle feature to the exterior of their home. This style tends to blend in with the home’s siding or is just a shade or two away. Some homeowners accompany simple trim with decorative shutters to give the windows a more finished look. Others with a more minimalistic style leave the simple trim as is.

Image of a home with modern windows and trim

Modern Window Trim

Modern window trims fall in line with modern architecture: straight lines, edges, roofs, and big windows. Most homeowners love the modern look. This style typically matches the design of the house and is not contrasting or flashy. Using modern trim gives any home a contemporary feel. When it comes to choosing a color for modern trim, black window frames are a bold choice.

Image of a home with farmhouse window trim and blue shutters

Farmhouse Window Trim

The farmhouse window trim is known for being wide and precise. This style is very sturdy and has a clean finish – perfect for a home with wide dimensions and large windows. Although this is a traditional look, you can still personalize it to your modern style with some colorful shutters or window baskets.

Image of a log-style cabin that has composite siding and trim

Composite Exterior Trim

Composite window trim is made from a mixture of fibers, resins, and wax. This option can be a good replacement for wooden trim. It cuts just the same and usually has a longer lifespan because it’s been painted and primed. This style of trim is eco-friendly because the fiber is made from recycled wood.

Image of a rustic home with rustic window trim

Rustic Window Trim

Rustic window trim is another style that is a continuation of a home’s overall design. This trim suits rustic cottages and/or farmhouses where materials like wood are used, and the gain exposed. Because it gives off a natural feel, rustic window trim is perfect for homes that want to blend into the nature surrounding them.

Image of a building with foam window trim

Foam Window Trim

Standard foam trim has a rectangular shape and gives a modern look to any home. More decorative foam styles have a distinct profile for architectural appearance. This option is good for those who want high durability and reliable exterior trim.

Image of an older building with stucco style window trim

Stucco Window Trim

Stucco trim is made from a styrofoam core covered with fiberglass mesh and coated with modified cement. This style has an expensive look but comes roughly a tenth of the price of ornate concrete trim. A fantastic option as the cement coating will keep out any moisture.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas: Popular Styles & Designs

Window trim is essential to the exterior of any home as it covers the edges of the window frame and siding. This helps to protect against harsh weather and seasonal extremes and ultimately extend the lifespan of your home.

Most people focus on interior window design for aesthetic purposes but overlook the importance of choosing the right functional exterior window design for their home. Regardless of the style and material chosen, the trim around the windows seamlessly defines and completes any exterior look.

What to Consider When Looking at Exterior Trim Options

There are three main factors bearing on the choice of exterior window casing. These include the exterior window trim style, color, and material. Getting these right will have a significant effect on the look of your home.

  • Exterior window trim style: The style of the exterior trim is imperative. This alone can determine the design of your home. Each style has recognizable features. Edges, angles, and shaping should all be taken into account. The most popular current trends are:
    • Vinyl trim
    • Stucco trim
    • Bold trim
    • Layered trim
    • Modern trim
  • Exterior window trim color: Some prefer monochrome exterior molding; others like to use color to complement their home. Whatever the approach, it is essential to keep the general tone in mind. Color tones can include:
    • Monochrome
    • Colorful (darker shades)
    • Colorful (lighter shades)
    • Wood (ebony, red oak, etc.)
  • Exterior window trim material: The material chosen for exterior molding usually coincides with the house’s overall style. Traditional examples are wood and vinyl trims, but more modern exterior window trim options are also available. Examples are:
    • Vinyl trim
    • Preservative-treated wood trim
    • Aluminum trim
    • Fiber Cement trim

Why Does Exterior Window Trim Matter?

Window trim is important for three reasons:

  • Feel
  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality

Whichever style is chosen, exterior window trim positively impacts the looks and longevity of any home. In addition, updating your window trim ensures your home is in tune with the latest design trends and styles.

A beautiful home with beautiful exterior window trim

Curb Appeal

If you want your home to stand out and turn heads, choosing the right exterior window trim can help make this happen. To maximize your home’s curb appeal, look at window frame options and window molding ideas. Think about which styles would suit your preferences. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to exterior design. With the help of this guide, you certainly won’t run out of ideas.

Image of a home with exterior window trim that contrasts with the color of the house

Visual Contrast

Using different colors and angles will create contrast. This is easily added using exterior trim with different materials and colors. This combination will give your home a lovely dimension. Choosing the correct exterior trim calls for creativity. Test out multiple combinations before settling on one if you aren’t immediately sure. Black window frames are ideal for amplifying curbside contrast.

Image of a cute little house with very well maintained exterior window trim

Maintenance and Lifespan

Depending on what style you go with, window trim replacement may be required from time to time. This would mean trimming out a window, painting the exterior trim, or completely replacing exterior trim around windows. Most styles (besides wood trim) last for a long period of time.

Revamp Your Home’s Exterior With New Window Trim From Asher 

Exterior window trim makes a home more beautiful, and it also helps protect the structure from the elements. If you’re considering a window upgrade, call the experts at Asher Lasting Exteriors. From design to installation, we’ll be there for you with the highest quality materials and design advice to ensure your new windows and trim exceed your expectations.