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Helmet Heat ® by Gutter Helmet ® — Heated Ice Reduction System

Gutters Helmet Heat
Helmet Heat® is an ingenious self-regulating heating cable device that heats up only when needed and protects your home from frozen gutters and ice dams during those cold winter months. The combination of Gutter Helmet® and Helmet Heat® is the ideal defense against ice dam damage to your home and will provide you with safety and peace of mind and protecting your home from ice dam issues. Helmet Heat reduces ice dams by melting snow before it has a chance to accumulate at your roof eaves and affect the flow of water through your gutters and downspouts. In this way, damage is averted.

Helmet Heat cable is installed directly under Gutter Helmet gutter covers, without visible roof clips or exposed wire. It can be mounted on any home that uses the Gutter Helmet gutter guard protection system.

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  • How It Works
Helmet Heat by Gutter Helmet is an exclusive self-regulating heating cable designed to keep ice and snow from building up around the edges of your roof. Check out this video on the revolutionary technology of our heated gutter guard system!
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