25 Front Yard Curb Appeal Ideas To Boost Home Value

a modern house with curb appeal

The exterior of your home plays an important role in its overall value. Front yard curb appeal ideas can help you easily boost how inviting your home looks to potential buyers – or even just friends and family. 

If you’re looking to sell your home soon or simply improve how the front of your home looks, we can help you figure out how to improve curb appeal and design a home you love. Try some of these best curb appeal ideas to give your home a boost:

Asher Lasting Exteriors is here to ensure your curb appeal is beautiful and inviting, whether that means helping replace doorswindowsgutters, or awnings

a red front entry door to a home

Install A New, Modern Front Door

One of the first exterior home improvements you should consider is installing a new front door. This is an easy way to breathe new life into the front of your home. Whether you paint it, replace the glass, or entirely put in a new, modern door, this is a great way to show off your space and create a different vibe.

a front yard garden bed with pink and yellow flowers

Add A Colorful Garden Bed

Adding in some greenery or flowers is another great way for how to boost curb appeal and create an updated space. Garden beds can help you get creative while also enhancing the color and look of your home. While this will require you to do regular upkeep to ensure the garden stays fresh and lively, the improvement on your front house curb appeal is priceless.

a modern storm door

Upgrade To A Modern Storm Door

Storm doors provide both protection and a modern curb appeal to your home’s entry. Asher Lasting Exteriors can work with you to install your dream front door, including our top-of-the-line Provia storm doors. Our entry doors enhance your space with tempered glass, a timeless style, and an easy front yard curb appeal improvement for any type of environment you may live in – especially those intense Midwestern winters.

a stone path with mini lamps lighting the path

Incorporate Pathway Lighting

You can make your curb appeal shine at night by incorporating pathway and walkway lighting. Not only does this improve safety, but it also creates a soft, elegant look to your home, creating an inviting space. Knowing how to enhance curb appeal with lighting is a cost-effective way to refresh your space.

a house that was painted yellow

Refresh Exterior Paint Colors

Your home curb appeal doesn’t end at your front yard – you can also change your exterior paint colors to give your home an entirely different and updated look. A few options for how to increase curb appeal by painting include:

  • Choosing a light, gentle shade for a relaxed look
  • Painting your home a bright or exciting color for a bold change
  • Incorporating existing elements of your space, such as plants, into your choice of paint colors

If you’re looking for a quicker change than painting your home, ensuring that your seasonal home maintenance tasks are done can help your home look refreshed. 

a stone walkway in a front yard

Lay A New Stone Walkway

Stone walkways create a modern, clean look to the exterior of your home. This highlights the path to your front door as well, ensuring that all visitors have a clean and safe way to come to your home. This is a relatively inexpensive way for how to add curb appeal that completely enhances the look of your space.

two small water features in a front yard

Introduce A Water Feature

Water features can provide multiple benefits for the front of your home, such as:

  • Relaxation from the sound of water
  • A way to add yard art to your space
  • A way to mix and match materials and colors for your space
  • An inviting space for birds and other wildlife

a large tree providing shade for a home

Plant A Tree For Shade And Beauty

Depending on whether you’re selling your home soon or if you plan to stay in your home for a long time, you can choose from many different types of trees to enhance your space. For quicker ways to add shade and beauty before selling, consider planting:

  • Japanese maples
  • Ornamental trees
  • Cottonwoods

For trees that will grow with you long term, you should look into oak or maple trees.

a window box with purple and white flowers

Add Window Boxes With Seasonal Flowers

Another way to improve curb appeal is by adding in window boxes that change out flowers with the season. This way, you can keep the pop of color going year-round to ensure your space remains inviting, charming, and warm.

wooden house numbers

Install New, Sleek House Numbers

Installing new house numbers – either for the front of your home, mailbox, or both – is one of the least expensive and low maintenance curb appeal ideas. Ensure you choose similar materials, finishes, and colors for all the numbers outside your home so it looks cohesive.

A new front door, along with modern address numbers, can help you craft a contemporary mood for your space.

a spring wreath on a front entry door

Display A Seasonal Wreath On The Front Door

Wreaths don’t have to be displayed just for the holidays – you can find seasonal wreaths for spring, summer, and fall that create a welcoming and decorative look for your front door.

seamless gutters

Install New, High-Impact Gutters

If your home has out-of-date or ill-working gutters, another way to increase curb appeal is by installing new gutters. Not only does this help ensure that water is draining properly away from your home, keeping it safe from the elements, but gutters also add a completely modern look to your space.

Asher Lasting Exteriors only installs the best gutter systems, meaning our Tundra Seamless gutters will protect your home for years to come.

two wooden chairs and a table on a front porch

Create A Cozy Front Porch Seating Area

If you’re looking for curb appeal ideas for the front of your house that can completely change its look and feel, creating a cozy seating area is the way to go. Whether you simply add a small patio table or go all out with plants, seating, lights, and more, having a space to entertain guests or relax outside is a great way to increase your home’s value.

a newly paved driveway and new garage

Upgrade The Driveway

If your driveway is weathered, cracked, or simply faded, investing in an upgrade is a great way to breathe life into the space. If you have a smaller budget, ensure that there’s no vegetation sprouting up between the cracks and give it a good power wash. If you want to give it a completely new look, replace the asphalt with flagstones or other modern materials. You can also consider updating the garage door to make the new driveway seem even newer.

a front lawn with a cut and edged lawn

Edge The Lawn For A Neat Appearance

The front of your home may look beautiful in every other way, but if you have messy edges on your lawn or pavement, this can quickly detract from the rest of your space. For a quick spruce, edge your grass for a neat, orderly improvement.

a front patio with symmetrical planters on both sides of the door

Install Symmetrical Planters

One of the simplest – and cheapest – curb appeal ideas to improve the appearance of your home is to install planters on both sides of your doors. Not only does this symmetry create a balanced look, but it adds greenery and color to your space as well.

a rock garden surrounding a driveway in a front yard

Create A Low Maintenance Rock Garden

Rock gardens are increasing in popularity, mainly due to their sleek appearance and easy upkeep. Install a rock garden in your front yard or driveway to create a modern look for your home.

a hanging porch swing with throw pillows

Install A Charming Bench Or Swing

Nothing says charm or comfort like a hanging bench or swing. This can create a cozy reading nook, hangout area, or relaxation space for your front yard while also increasing the value of your home.

a bow window from the outside

Replace Old Windows With Energy-Efficient Models

Old windows may be detracting from your home’s style, energy efficiency, and more. If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to improve the exterior (and interior) of your home, replace your old windows with more efficient windows. This can save you money while also updating your home’s look.

relaxing on the porch under a retractable awning

Add An Awning To Your Front Porch

Awnings can help protect you from the sun while also adding style and a fresh look to your space. Reach out to Asher Lasting Exteriors for help with your house exterior updates – we can install the following styles:

If you’re looking for eco-friendly improvements to enhance your curb appeal, Asher is here to help.

a white picket fence in a front yard

Add A Charming Picket Fence

While a white picket fence may seem too cookie-cutter for many home styles, they truly do add a charm and comfortability to almost any space. Investing in a picket fence can create an inviting look and feel to your home that will improve its overall curb appeal.

a string of lights that are turned on during the sunset

Upgrade To Elegant Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Add in some light and elegance by updating your exterior lighting fixtures. Not only will this illuminate the rest of your home’s curb appeal, but it will create a warmth that will leave guests or potential buyers wanting to come in to see more.

a person painting a fence a darker brown

Paint Or Stain The Fence For A Fresh Look

If you’re tired of chipping or faded paint on your fence, one of the most cost-effective curb appeal ideas is to simply paint or stain your fence. A fresh coat of paint gives your space a fresh look for almost no time, money, or effort at all, making it the first step many homeowners should take.

an exterior of a house with black windows and black window frames

Incorporate Black Window Frames For A Modern Touch

If you’re looking for a completely modern way to restyle your home, black windows from Asher Lasting Exteriors can help enhance your space. These frames create a sleek, improved look for the exterior of your home, instantly giving it a facelift.

a bird sitting in a bird bath

Set Up A Bird Bath Or Feeder

Bird baths are a simple way to add some relaxation to your home’s front yard. By inviting wildlife to share your space while creating a soothing environment with water, bird baths can enhance your curb appeal exponentially.

Asher Lasting Exteriors team

Improve Your Wisconsin Home Curb Appeal With Asher’s Door, Window, And Gutter Solutions

If you’re looking for some great front yard curb appeal ideas that will transform your space, look no further than Asher Lasting Exteriors. Our team is here to ensure that your home is as welcoming as can be. No matter if you’re looking for new doors, windows, gutters, or awnings, we can help you create a space that you – or potential buyers – will want to spend time in.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help improve your front yard curb appeal without breaking the bank. We also highly value environmentally-friendly options, ensuring our planet stays as safe as it can.