Exterior House Colors for 2024: 10 Eye-Catching Trends

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Looking for trends in exterior house colors for 2024? You’ve come to the right place. Learn what the experts and designers have predicted for this year’s top 10 exterior home colors. Whether you’re repainting the whole house or just adding a splash of color to the accents, you need to see these eye-catching color pallets. 

Modern exterior house colors are constantly evolving and adapting to the world around us. When work life becomes hectic and stressful, it’s nice to come home and feel at ease the second your car hits the driveway. 2024 exterior house colors can give you that feeling with warm neutral tones or stark contrasts that perfectly mesh with your personality. Find the coat that suits your home best with these ten most popular house colors of 2024.

Navy blue house with bright red door

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Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors and Trends 

The spectrum of color is vast and full of beautiful shades and tones, but they won’t all make your house feel like a home. The best exterior colors for a house range from reds to blues, darks to lights, but they all feel welcoming and give your home a sophisticated touch.

Staying with the trending exterior house colors of 2024 means your home will stand out and fit well within your neighborhood. Ultimately, they will boost your curb appeal in a way few renovations can match.

Neutral colored home

Warm Neutrals

The exterior home colors of 2024 bring a warmer tone to the neutral grays that have become so popular. This slight change allows your home to accentuate the earthy tones surrounding it. Warm neutrals like beige are returning to the scene to become the new reigning neutral to replace gray.

  • Brings in the earthy tones of nature
  • Compliments copper piping and exterior works
  • Brightens the blandness of neutral grays

Orange siding with white trim

Bright White

White exterior paint is too bold of a choice for many homeowners, but white trim is just bold enough to attract attention to the clean, defined lines it creates. Exterior window trim is one aspect of design that often gets overlooked. It serves both a functional and an aesthetic purpose, which can make or break the overall cohesiveness of a color scheme. Nearly all of the top exterior house colors of 2024 could be complemented with a clean, white trim.

  • Makes any color pop
  • Lightens the overall look
  • Both aesthetic and functional 

White home with bright blue front door

Make Your Front Door Pop

The front door is an excellent opportunity to add a splash of color, especially if the rest of the house is a neutral color. The trick is to choose a color that will complement the rest of the exterior house paint colors. Choosing the right color for your front door is something that Asher specializes in. Let us help you decide how your guests will be greeted each time they come to your house with a uniquely beautiful door color.

  • Add a fun splash of color
  • Compliment other exterior features
  • Choose how your guests are greeted

Dark siding with white highlights

Dark and Stormy Colors

The exterior paint color trends of 2024 are moving towards a darker, more industrial look and implementing accents like black windows. Similar to the beautiful contrast of white trim and dark colors, black trim contrasts nicely with lighter exterior house paint. If you choose to go all out with black exterior paint, you can accent it with white trim and a colored door for added depth.

  • Accent lighter exterior colors
  • Bold and dramatic look
  • Create a dark base for lighter accents

Black house with white trim

Stay Classy with Black and White

What is the most popular color for a home exterior? Exterior paint trends for 2024 are showing a lot of high contrast and simplistic designs. Contrast doesn’t get starker than a clean black and white combination. Whether you’d like to go two-toned or a solid exterior color with contrasting accents, this color combo will hold up with style and sophistication.

  • Dramatic stark contrast 
  • Timeless style will stay relevant
  • Sophisticated design

two toned cream and blue home

Can’t Make Up Your Mind? Go Two-Tone

Choosing colors for painting the outside of a house can be a pain. The good thing is you don’t have to choose just one. There’s a new trend of two-toned houses, and it’s a welcome step away from the ordinary.

You might choose one color on top and another on the bottom, or one on the sides and another in the middle. As long as the colors compliment each other, it will look appealing.

  • Separate split level homes
  • Stand out with accent walls
  • Add depth and layers to your design

Navy blue house with white trim

Blues on Blues

Blue exterior house colors cover the spectrum from gray-blue to green-blue, light to dark, and everywhere in between. One of the top exterior paint colors for 2024 is dark blue. It easily lends itself to various accent colors or natural wood finishes. If you live near a body of water, you can incorporate that into your home design with blue exterior house paint and white trim for a uniquely nautical look.

  • Works well with many accents
  • Compliments the nearby rivers and lakes
  • Timeless and elegant appeal

Autumn red house with white trim

Go the Rustic Route with Autumn Red

Rustic paint colors often fall into the farmhouse color palette, one of the most popular exterior house colors of 2024. Farmhouse exterior colors dive into deep reds and stark whites. A lighter-colored exterior would pair well with a few burgundy accents, and likewise, a dark red exterior will be complemented by white accents.

Exterior brick and their paint color combinations also fall into this color palette. You may wish to change the brick paint colors to white and accent with burgundy, or keep them as-is and accent with white.

  • A fresh take on farmhouse colors
  • Pairs well with existing brick
  • Rustic yet modern appeal

Shades of green and brown house

Embrace Green Concepts

An earthy green color can make for an exquisite nature-inspired home. It is perhaps more commonly used as an accent rather than the primary house color, but earth tones are adaptable to either role.

When looking for stucco house colors, there is no better place to look than the earth tones. It reflects the surrounding natural landscape and the organic materials used to build the house. In general, earth tones are subtle and relaxing and blend well with any local scenery.

  • Compliments the outdoors
  • Reflects the building materials inside
  • Less distracting from the surrounding beauty 

Modern house design

Be Bold, Be Modern

Modern exterior house paint colors are typically neutral colors with contrasting trim and accents. The best exterior paint colors of 2024 tend to work with high contrast and incorporate other natural elements.

A copper roof, for example, is a bold material and needs to be met with neutral colors to create that natural yet modern contrast that has become so popular. Modern houses are both simple and sophisticated, geometric and functional, and the heavy contrast at the heart of this trend is what sets it apart from the rest.

  • High contrasting elements
  • Unique natural accents
  • Simplistic functional design

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