How To Clean Window Screens In 6 Easy Steps

Your window screens keep your home free of bugs, dirt, pollen, and other debris while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air. Knowing how to clean window screens allows you to protect your home while ensuring your view stays clear. 

Asher Lasting Exteriors is here to help you learn how to clean window screens to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. Here are six easy steps to follow when cleaning window screens, which we’ll explain in greater detail below:

  1. Remove The Window Screens Carefully
  2. Prepare Your Cleaning Solution
  3. Gently Scrub The Screens With A Soft Brush
  4. Rinse The Screens Thoroughly With Water
  5. Allow The Screens To Dry Completely
  6. Reinstall The Clean Window Screens

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someone taking a window screen out to clean it

Remove The Window Screens Carefully

Before starting the window and screen cleaning process, you need to safely remove the screens themselves. To do so safely, make sure that you:

  • Completely open your windows so you can easily grab the screen
  • Find the tabs to release the screen and lift it
  • Push the screen outwards to remove it from the pane entirely

All windows are slightly different, so ensure you check with your window manufacturer if you’re unsure. After removing the screens, either place them outside in the yard or in your bathtub so you can wash them without getting the rest of your home dirty.

Check Window For Cracks Or Inefficiencies

After you have removed your screens, it’s important to check your windows for any cracks or other issues. Finding any potential damage, wear and tear, or cracks can help you fix further issues before they arise.

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someone making a soap and water solution for cleaning window screens

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

The next step for the best way to clean window screens is to prepare your cleaning solution. You should be able to do this with common household ingredients, such as:

  • Warm water and dish soap
  • A vinegar solution

Make sure you use non-abrasive cleaners to protect your screens as you’re washing them. Additionally, eco-friendly options can keep your yard – and the planet – safer.

Clean window screens can help you improve your air quality, the amount of light that filters in, and HVAC-efficiency.

a soft bristled brush to clean window screens

Gently Scrub The Screens With A Soft Brush

Cleaning screens on windows should be done with a soft brush to safely remove any loose dirt, debris, and pests. You can use multiple implements to scrub your screens, including:

  • A toothbrush
  • Magic eraser
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Vacuum’s brush attachment

Ensure you clean your screens gently to avoid tearing or stretching the screen material.

someone spraying window screens with water to clean them

Rinse The Screens Thoroughly With Water

Next, it’s important to rinse your screens thoroughly with water when you’re learning how to clean a window screen. If you have a garden hose, use a gentle stream to avoid damage. Or, if you cleaned your screens inside your home, you can rinse them off in your bathtub or shower. Make sure all traces of cleaning solution and debris are removed.

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five window screens air drying outside

Allow The Screens To Dry Completely

After rinsing your screens, ensure they’re placed in a sunny or warm place so they can completely air dry before you reinstall them. This is the best way to wash window screens to ensure that they don’t promote mold or mildew growth that can create even more issues than a simple dirty screen.

someone putting a window screen back in place

Reinstall The Clean Window Screens

Now that your screens are squeaky clean, you can reinstall them back into their panes. Make sure you latch them back into place for a snug fit, and don’t rush the installation – this way, you won’t worry about damaging and potentially needing to replace your windows too soon.

two open casement windows overlooking a backyard patio

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