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Winterize Your Home Checklist: What To Do Before The First Frost

Man on latter cleaning gutter.

Your home is a big investment, so it’s important to prepare for the winter and ensure that your household will operate smoothly once temperatures dip below freezing. Our Winterize Your Home Checklist will help you get ready for the long months of cold weather ahead!

How to Winterize Your Home

There are many tasks involved in winterizing your house. Some avoid catastrophic issues, such as pipes bursting from the freezing temps, while others ensure that your house is sealed correctly, so you and loved ones stay warm and cozy no, matter how low the temperatures get.

Whether you’re winterizing your home DIY or hiring professionals, do not wait until it’s already snowing, as it’s much easier to do these tasks early before they become necessary!

Start Outside: Winterize Your Yard

  • Store a shovel and any de-icing products inside, so you don’t need to trudge through the heavy snow to get them. The last thing you want to do is have to walk on top of black ice to get to your car in the morning. 
  • Shut off all outdoor pipes and faucets, turn off their water supply from the inside, and drain them to ensure they are empty.
    • This includes your sprinkler systems!
  • Bring in or cover all patio furniture, grills, and other summertime features.
  • Clean your gutters, and consider installing gutter protection, so they don’t clog with debris.
  • Add stakes around certain safety hazards around your home that the snow may cover.

Go Inside: Winterize Your House

  • Test all your heating and cooling systems
    • Make sure your heating system is ready to go.
      • Do a test run to check that your heat actually comes out.
      • Replace your filter and make sure you know how frequently to replace it.
      • Clean all heating vents and exhaust vents, and make sure the heating vents are open.
    • Don’t forget the A/C unit! 
      • Clear out the fan and coils with a hose.
      • Once dry, cover it so that leaves and debris don’t get inside throughout the winter.
    • If you have a working fireplace, check that the damper works and that the chimney is clear by burning a piece of newspaper and ensuring that the smoke draws up and out of the chimney.
  • Make sure your home is weatherproof.
    • Close any outdoor vents that have been opened for summer.
    • Check your attic, walls, and basement to ensure you have adequate insulation.
    • Check doors, windows, electrical outlets, and switch plates for drafts. If you can feel cold air:
      • Add insulation to the outlets and plates.
      • Caulk or apply weatherstripping around windows and doors.
  • Consider home upgrades if you can, or start saving for next year:
    • A digital or smart thermostat that can lower the temperature while you’re gone and increase it when you return saves energy.
    • Installing storm doors and new windows can also increase your energy efficiency and decrease your heating bills.

Winterize Your Home with Help from Asher Lasting Exteriors

Wondering if your siding, gutters, doors, or windows are as efficient as they can be? If your home requires maintenance or you’re interested in upgrading before winter hits, call the experts at Asher for a free estimate!

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