Window and Door Problems Most Common in Winter

a midwestern home in the winter with winterized energy efficient windows

With winter now fast approaching, it’s time to be prepared for the cold weather. However, it’s not only yourself that you should get ready, but your home, too.

There are certain problems that your windows and doors might show in winter. Some of these problems have already been around for quite some time, but they get more pronounced when the temperatures begin to drop.

Below are some of the problems you can expect to see on your windows and doors this coming winter.

Frame Warping

The metal and wood framing of windows and doors can warp over time as a result of the prolonged exposure to moisture, which becomes a more pressing concern in the wet months of winter. During the warmer months, you may not notice that your window and door frames have become warped. In winter, though, any irregularity will be more obvious.

Windows and Doors Stay Open

Some framing materials, particularly wood, swell when the temperatures drop. As a result, the window or door won’t close properly. This can lead to compromised comfort and safety.


If you have leaky double-glazed windows, you will feel their effect more during winter. The panes in dual-pane windows or replacement windows are sealed together, creating a space between them that can be filled with insulating air or gas. When the leak fails, the window’s insulating property is practically gone.

If this is the case, you will notice that condensation forms inside the window. This means that the window has lost its insulating capabilities and your heated indoor air conveniently passes through the window. The same goes for doors with windows.

The best way to deal with window and door problems is to address them before winter comes. If you want to know whether you need door or window replacement, have Asher Lasting Exteriors inspect your doors and windows now. Call us at (715) 832-7282 or submit our contact form to schedule an inspection and consultation. We serve customers in Eau Claire and Menomonie, WI.