Best Exterior Doors for Cold Weather, Security and Natural Light

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Replacing your front door creates a positive first impression of your home—plus it packs a strong return on investment. In the Midwest, there are specific factors to consider when searching for the best exterior door: durability, safety, and style. You’ll want these items at the top of your list of importance. To help you find the right front door for your home, we’ve broken these factors 

Best Exterior Doors for Cold Weather

Choosing the right front door is an important step in keeping the cold weather out and avoiding high energy bills each month. The best exterior doors for cold weather are well-insulated and weather resistant. Your new front door should also be strong and durable to withstand other outdoor elements, including high winds , repelling moisture and heat during the summer. 

Fiberglass doors are versatile and heavy-duty. They offer nearly three times as much insulation as solid wood or wood core doors for a much higher R-value or insulation effectiveness. As one of the best exterior doors, it’s also one of the more expensive options, but it will offer the longest life and largest return on your home investment.

You’ll likely see a drop in your heating and cooling costs, too, especially if you use weatherstripping to seal off any air leaks.

Best Exterior Doors for Security

At the most basic level, your front door is a safety must for your home. The safest front doors are made of steel. Steel doors are stronger than wood or fiberglass, and you won’t have to deal with cracks or warping. Depending on the style you choose, steel doors are generally more cost-effective. That makes steel doors a top contender when considering the safest front doors for your home.

Remember, you can always consult with a security professional when choosing the best exterior doors for security.

Best Exterior Doors for Natural Light

The best exterior doors are about more than just function. The right design can let natural light shine through for a brighter, energizing interior. Most manufacturers offer doors in numerous styles with different types of panes and glass panels. French doors usually include large glass panes for maximizing natural light. Look for energy-efficient panels that will also make your choice one of the best exterior doors for cold weather.

Decorative glass accents are another way to increase natural light with many options for sidelights that align with your style and let light shine in unobstructed. Search the best exterior door reviews for specific mentions of natural light to help narrow down your choices online.

Have a patio or deck? Consider adding a sliding glass door system with two or more panels. The more panels, the more light you’ll be able to enjoy. Double-pane options offer more energy efficiency and security.

Upgrade Your Exterior Doors with Help from Asher

Look to Asher Lasting Exteriors for recommendations on the best exterior doors. We’ll follow up with professional installation from expert technicians to boost your home’s curb appeal and value.