Modern Window Designs: Update Your Home With These 7 Ideas

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Modern window design calls for natural light, clean lines, and geometric shapes. Choosing a window design for your home is no easy task. After all, windows are an essential piece of cohesive interior design. Take a look at these seven modern window designs for some design inspiration of your own.

Modern home windows come in all shapes and sizes with different functionalities and purposes. This article will focus on just seven of the most popular different types of window design. Although they have been around for a long time, they look revolutionary when finished with a modern touch. Check out the latest window designs for each window type below.

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Modern Home Windows

Modern design is all about minimalism, clean lines, and unobstructed views. It puts simplicity above all else with natural textures and neutral colors. What’s more, because of this simplicity, modern window frames are often less expensive and easier to clean than more ornate windows.

As an added bonus, modern windows are also more energy-efficient and allow more natural light to shine through. If you are looking for replacement windows, it may be time to elevate your curb appeal with a new window style.

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Contemporary Window Designs for Every Home

Contemporary windows can complement any interior design. The bold lines and clean look allow the rest of the décor to take center stage and shine in the added natural light. The only essential considerations are:

  • How do you want your windows to function?
  • Do you want them to be a focal point?

Double Hung Contemporary Windows

Double-Hung Windows

Perhaps the most simplistic window design is the double-hung or single-hung window. They both operate by sliding vertically to either open the bottom half, top half, or both if it’s double-hung.

They’re a popular choice for simple living room windows or modern exterior windows. The boxy look blends perfectly into a contemporary home window design.

  • Easy to clean
  • A/C window unit accessibility
  • Increased ventilation

modern casement windows

Casement Windows

Modern casement windows crank all the way open to provide the clearest view and best ventilation of any window on the market. They are the perfect choice for long, dramatic window designs because they’re so easy to open and close.

They can be fully extended to catch the evening breeze, which also makes for simple and easy cleaning. Their minimalist design fits well with most modern interior designs and adds a ton of natural light to any room.

  • Easy to operate
  • Clear unobstructed view
  • Maximum ventilation

Modern window design bay and bow windows

Bay or Bow Windows

Modern window styles are moving towards larger frames with greater functionality. Bay or bow windows exemplify both of these traits by creating extra space and broader viewing angles. Big window designs like these typically consist of three to five different windows coming together to form a semi-circle that extends from the side of the house. The new space created is outlined by a perfect geometric shape that seamlessly weaves into the clean lines of a modern home.

  • Creates unique space
  • Enhanced viewing angles
  • Lets in the most natural light

Sliding Windows

Modern house window design will incorporate windows of many different shapes and styles. The sliding window is the perfect choice for basement egress windows, or anywhere you desire a window, or a set of windows, that are wider than they are tall.

As the name suggests, these windows open by sliding horizontally, which means easy cleaning and clear views. The solid horizontal lines and simplicity in its design flow nicely into a modern house with many windows.

  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable and energy efficient
  • Low maintenance

Modern Window Design Awning Window

Awning Windows

Awning windows are an incredibly versatile style of window. They come in various shapes and sizes, which allows them to fit anywhere. In addition, they open outwards from the bottom, creating an angled surface ensuring precipitation slides away from your home and onto the ground.

They are perfect for wet climates or areas in your home that require ventilation regardless of the weather. Modern kitchen windows will often incorporate this design behind the sink or oven, as it’s easy to open from the bottom and prevent the kitchen from becoming hot and stuffy.

Awning windows can also be sleek, small additions to the bottom of picture windows to create the clean lines and functionality that are hallmarks of modern design.

  • Ventilation without letting in rainwater
  • Can be combined with other windows
  • Versatile placement options

Modern picture window

Picture Windows

Rather than decorating our homes with pictures of the outdoors, it has become increasingly popular to install large modern windows that provide sweeping views of the natural landscape instead.

Particularly if you have large swaths of empty wall space, the picture window may be the best option for you. Modern picture windows are often used in place of plain walls to showcase scenery, natural light, and warmth. Since they are static and cannot open for ventilation, different window styles will be used in combination with picture windows. These combinations can create a uniquely modern look with large elements set next to smaller and more functional ones.

  • No mechanical parts involved
  • Brings in natural light and heat
  • Low maintenance

Modern window design specialty windows

Specialty Windows

When it comes to window styles for your home, there is a catch-all for the styles not listed above called specialty windows. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit the unconventional areas of your home that need some additional light or creative touch.

Modern living room windows will often incorporate these above or around the other windows for a unique appearance. They can be set in large arches, circles, or any other geometric shape to fit your home’s modern aesthetic.

  • Fit to any area needing light
  • Create unique window combinations
  • Enhanced curb appeal

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What is the Best Modern Window Design for My Home?

We have covered a few of the best modern window designs so far, but finding the best design for your particular home is something you’ll have to do yourself. It’s important to note a few common barriers that folks encounter during this process.

You’ll want to keep the exterior appearance of your windows in mind and take advantage of the ways window trim can add to your curb appeal. Initially, determining what kind of functionality you need and where will get you off to a good start in the decision-making process. Here are a few questions to consider as you ponder your new window scheme:

  • What are your best viewing angles to bring in the scenery?
  • Do you have proper cross-ventilation on all sides of the house?

Modern black windows

Modern Window Design Options

In addition to choosing your modern window styles, you’ll have to decide which design options best fit your home. The different colors and textures can have a significant impact on the design.

Modern Window Frames

Modern exterior windows can elevate the look of your home with clean and crisp lines that accentuate your bold new window designs. There’s a growing trend of houses with dark, or even black, window frames that beautifully contrast the reflections off the glass. They also create a great contrast with the light coming into the house to make the window stand out.

In addition to color, you have material options that add texture and natural elements to your home, such as:

  • Vinyl
  • Composite wood
  • Natural ornate wood

Modern Window Colors

Windows now come in a variety of tints as opposed to the clear glass of the past. Several energy-efficient types will provide subtle tints in direct sunlight. Renewal by Andersen windows takes this to the next level with the utmost energy efficiency, a new trend that won’t be dying off any time soon.

  • Clear
  • Tinted
  • Energy efficient

Tips for Choosing Your Modern Windows

Modern windows will undoubtedly add simplicity and sophistication to your home. The question is not whether to add them but which ones to add. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your next window replacement.

  • Make sure there is ventilation on all sides of your home
  • Take your climate into consideration when bringing in natural light
  • Keep your window openings in easy to reach places
  • Try to maximize your energy efficiency

Modern Home Windows

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Finding the best window design for your home is no simple task.

At Asher Lasting Exteriors, our window experts can help you find the perfect modern windows to fit your taste. Our customer satisfaction is a true testament to our ability to match your home with the window designs that genuinely work. Visit our website to book a free consultation today.

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