The Importance of Properly Sloped Gutters

The Importance of Properly Sloped Gutters

Your gutters have an important role to play in protecting the rest of your home from rain. They catch and direct water to your downspouts, preventing damage to your foundations, roof, siding, windows and more. Many homeowners are aware that preventing gutter clogs is important to making sure that their gutters function. However, they may not know about the importance of the gutter slope. Learn more about it here:

What Is the Gutter Slope?

The gutter slope, or its pitch, is the amount by which the gutters slant downward along the path of the water flow. This slope is mostly imperceptible which is why gutters appear parallel to the roofline from a distance. Without the gutter slope, water will simply pool in your gutters and will not flow towards the downspouts. Too much of a slope poses its own problems, however. A sharp gutter slope reduces the water capacity of the gutters, looks strange and can cause water to splash outside the gutters during heavy rain.

A good rule of thumb for a gutter slope is that you want at least a quarter inch of slope for every 10 feet of gutters. However, this number can vary depending on the home’s structure, the length of the gutters and the kind of gutters installed on the home. As a gutter protection expert, we must stress that having the right amount of gutter slope is not enough. All the guttering must also slope toward the nearest downspout. Homes with downspouts at both ends have a slope from the middle of the roofline that goes in different directions.

How to Deal With Improperly Sloped Gutters

Some homeowners might want to fix their improperly sloped gutters by themselves, but we strongly advise against this. Mistakes in your gutter slope can cause a variety of problems. Too little or too much slope will leave your home vulnerable to water damage. Instead, you need to find a reputable gutter company to fix your gutter problems for you. They have the experience, knowledge, and tools to fix the gutter slope on any kind of home.

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