Awning Installation Near La Crosse, Wisconsin

Discover the perfect solution for shade and style with our high-quality retractable awnings in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Ideal for enhancing outdoor spaces, our patio awnings and screens provide protection from the sun while adding a touch of elegance to your home. If you're looking for awnings near you, explore our style varieties and find the perfect fit for your needs.
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Patio Screens and Awnings in La Crosse

La Crosse’s four seasons offer beautiful scenery, but also unique challenges for enjoying your patio year-round. Asher’s awnings and patio screens can help you create a comfortable outdoor space throughout spring, summer, and fall!

  1. Enjoy Shaded Comfort:

    Beat the summer heat and enjoy customizable shade. Our retractable awnings and screens extend in seconds, creating a cool and inviting space for you to enjoy your patio throughout the summer.

  2. Extend Your Patio Season:

    Enjoy your patio throughout the year with our breathable screens. These screens act as a barrier against chilly winds and pesky insects, allowing you to savor the crisp autumn air and spring warmth in complete comfort.

  3. Easy Winter Storage:

    Our awnings and screens retract effortlessly for convenient and secure storage during the winter months. This ensures they’re ready to enhance your patio experience again next spring, providing years of enjoyment.

  4. Maximize Your Space:

    By creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor space, you can effectively maximize your usable square footage and enjoy the beauty of La Crosse’s seasons from the comfort of your patio.

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La Crosse Retractable Awnings

Sunesta Awnings

Retractable awnings offer La Crosse homeowners a variety of benefits. They provide shade and protection from UV rays, making your outdoor space more usable. You can relax on your patio or deck without worrying about getting too hot or sunburned. Additionally, awnings can help regulate the indoor temperature of your home. By blocking sunlight from heating up your windows and siding, awnings can help you reduce your energy bills and keep your home cooler in the summer. Asher Lasting Exteriors is your trusted Sunesta awning dealer in La Crosse. With a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can create a customized look that perfectly complements your home. Our experienced team will help you select the perfect awning for your needs and provide expert installation.
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La Crosse Patio Screens

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Sunesta Patio Screens

Solar screens are the perfect solution for your La Crosse home. They significantly reduce heat gain on your patio, creating a comfortable shaded space, allowing you to escape the sun and stay cool. Patio screens also provide ventilation while keeping out bugs & insects, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air without the hassle of mosquitos and flies. Sunesta screens can also be used throughout the spring and fall in La Crosse's milder seasons, offering protection from wind and creating a more comfortable outdoor space. When winter arrives, our solar screens retract easily for storage, ready to enhance your patio again come spring. Contact Asher Lasting Exteriors for a free consultation and expert installation of Sunesta patio screens in La Crosse.

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Recently, Zack and Mark were at our house to install a sunshade on our pergola. They did an awesome job and they cleaned up well upon completion of the job. I would recommend Asher to anyone looking for a quality product and quality installation! Thanks guys! Brent & Brenda Peters

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