Do You Need a Double Entry Door?

Doors have become more than just access points through which occupants and guests come and go. They have become style statements for homeowners who value curb appeal as much as they do functionality. One of the best options for making your home beautiful these days is the use of double entry doors.

Should You Install a Double Entry Door?

Not all homeowners are interested in using double entry doors, but if you’re on the fence about it, you might be convinced to go ahead and install double entry doors if you know the advantages they present.

  • Larger Access Point – Those who like to receive and entertain guests all the time will surely value the larger access point provided by double entry doors. The same is true when you have to move large furniture in or out of your home. 

  • Style – A Dutch Colonial is one of the home styles where double entry doors will fit right in. The presence of double entry doors, particularly if they have a unique and eye-catching color, makes your home more stylish.

  • Large Home – Double hinged entry doors are a good option if your home is large, especially if the interior access halls are spacious. 

  • More Light – Double entry doors with glass panels allow more light into your home. Double entry doors also come in handy when you have to air out your home.

  • Single Door Opening Option – You can open just one of the doors for everyday access.

A double entry door is an important part of your home’s thermal envelope, so it makes sense to call an expert to install the best. You can also enhance the effectiveness and protection of your doors by installing storm doors, as well. 

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