Window Issues: Should You Hire a Handyman to Fix Them?

Windows and doors play a vital role in any home. Aside from completing a home’s look, they also matter in maintaining the home’s energy efficiency and all-year comfort. They are also designed to protect your home from the elements, and to some extent, from intruders.

As important as they are, your windows need to be attended to once they show signs of damage. However, you might wonder how to fix the problem. Can you do it on your own or are you better off hiring a handyman or a window replacement contractor?

In this post, Asher Lasting Exteriors gives you the lowdown on how to best deal with windows issues.

Hiring a Handyman to Fix Window Issues

Technically, you can choose to hire a handyman to fix minor window problems. However, they are likely to provide nothing beyond a temporarily fix. Sure, a handyman can perform minor repairs and patch up your window, but the fix he can provide is only superficial.

Furthermore, because handymen are generally not certified by manufacturers, they may not have thorough knowledge on how to fully fix your broken window. They also do not have access to original parts and components.

Can You DIY?

If hiring handymen who have some level of experience and skills in fixing windows and hinged entry doors do not guarantee high-quality results. Home improvement tasks that are as vital as window repair and replacement are best left in the hands of professionals.

The Ultimate Solution: Get Window Replacement

There are certain window problems that are best remedied by window replacement. For instance, if you notice fogging inside the window glass, it means the seal was already damaged and the insulating air or gas between the panes has already leaked. Such a problem can’t be solved by repair.

When you have a professional window replacement contractor replace your old and damaged windows, you are getting a cost-efficient and permanent solution.

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