Can You Replace a Single Pane of Glass in a Double Pane Window?

insulated glass patio doors during cold and snowy weather

Many people love the energy-efficient style of double-paned windows but aren’t sure what to do when something goes wrong. If you see a crack or notice fogging between the window panes, at least one pane isn’t performing as intended. 

So, the question remains: is this something you can fix, or does it require a full window replacement?

We’re going to go right ahead and say that for double pane window repair, you should call in an expert and ideally look at a full window replacement. 

There is a big reason for this:

Window Pane Construction

The problem with replacing a pane goes back to the reason people get double pane windows in the first place: the way they are constructed is complex so that they do a better job of keeping your home insulated.

They’re called “double pane” because there are two panes with a little space of air between them, which keeps the air inside your house from transferring outside. The panes are connected to the window sash, so it’s very difficult to pull one out without affecting the other or causing even more damage. And even if you do succeed in pulling out and replacing the pane without issue, the act of removing the pane will have made your window seal much weaker. This means that air and moisture will get in, fogging the window and reducing its efficiency.

Window repair experts like Asher can do as much as possible to avoid these issues, but depending on the severity of the problem or the strength of the seal, they may still recommend a full window replacement.

Sometimes, in the higher-end windows, that “little space of air” is instead filled with gas, which acts like insulation, lowering heating and cooling bills even more. If you have a broken windowpane, the gas has potentially already leaked out and you’ve already lost all the insulation properties you’d bought them for. In this case, a full replacement is immediately required.

Window Replacement Near Me

At Asher, we know everything there is to know about energy-efficient windows and the cost of window replacements, and we’ve seen our fair share of broken panes, cracks, and fogging. 

Contact us for a free estimate either in-person or online to discuss your home and budget as well as our warranty options. We’re looking forward to helping you navigate this process!