Awning Installation Near Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Searching for retractable awnings near you? At Asher, we specialize in seamlessly installing a variety of awnings and patio screens, ensuring your home receives top-notch service and protection from the sun and heat. Invest in a patio awning or screen to extend your outdoor living space.
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Patio Screens and Awnings in Eau Claire

Eau Claire’s four seasons offer stunning beauty, but also present challenges for enjoying your outdoor space. Awnings and patio screens from Asher can help you maximize your patio comfort year-round!

  1. Beat the Summer Heat:

    Escape the sun and create a shady oasis with our custom awnings. Retractable awnings offer instant shade and UV protection, letting you enjoy your patio furniture and outdoor activities for longer.

  2. Spring & Fall Comfort:

    Extend your patio season into spring and fall with our breathable patio screens. These screens block bothersome winds and insects, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air without the hassle.

  3. Simple Storage:

    Our awnings and screens are perfectly suited for Eau Claire’s fair-weather seasons. They retract easily for storage when winter arrives, ensuring they’re ready to enhance your patio again next year.

  4. Style Your Space:

    Awnings and patio screens add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space. With a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can create a patio that perfectly complements your home’s unique look.

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Eau Claire Retractable Awnings

Sunesta Awnings

Elevate your outdoor living experience with a custom awning from Asher Lasting Exteriors. Sunesta awnings provide a welcome respite from the summer sun, creating a cool and comfortable shaded retreat on your patio. These stylish and functional awnings come in a variety of styles and colors to seamlessly blend with your home's architecture. Extend your patio season and enjoy the beauty of Eau Claire's spring, summer, and fall weather in comfort and style. Crafted with high-quality materials, these awnings are designed for lasting beauty and functionality, allowing you to maximize your patio's enjoyment throughout the year. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how a Sunesta awning can transform your outdoor space.
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Eau Claire Patio Screens

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Sunesta Patio Screens

Escape Eau Claire's ever-changing weather and reclaim your patio with retractable patio screens. Sunesta's innovative design allows you to embrace the fresh air and scenic views of your property, all while keeping out bothersome insects and harmful UV rays. Sunesta solar screens are crafted for long-lasting enjoyment, seamlessly integrating into your outdoor space. Choose from a wide array of styles and colors to create the perfect look for your home. Contact Asher Lasting Exteriors today to explore your patio options and unlock the full potential of your outdoor living space.

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Asher installed an awning on my house. I worked with them as they are local and have been in business a long time. They have a good reputation and I wanted someone in the area so if I had any problems, I could easily go back to them. They are well worth the money.

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