Real Vs. Faux Brick Siding: Which One Is for You?

Looks can be deceiving, but real brick siding and faux brick siding have many differences that set them apart from each other. This means each type of brick siding has its own pros and cons, which you should carefully consider if you’re choosing between the two.

Asher Lasting Exteriors, a family-owned business specializing in siding and gutters, discusses how real brick siding and faux brick siding stack up against each other.

Real Brick Siding

Without a doubt, you can count on real brick siding for its durability and strength. Compared to faux brick siding, it’s typically more resistant to different kinds of weather and damage. Genuine brick requires less maintenance than other types of brick siding too. Moreover, it’s quite versatile as you can install real brick siding on various locations throughout your home.

The downside is that real brick siding uses more materials than faux brick siding, so you can expect the former to be more expensive. Real bricks are also heavier, making their installation more difficult than faux brick siding.

Faux Brick Siding

Faux brick siding is lighter and easier to install than real brick siding. It also requires less material making it a cheaper alternative to real brick. But since it’s more lightweight than real brick siding, it’s usually more susceptible to damage. There are also some limitations on where you can install this type of brick siding, and it tends to be more high-maintenance as well. Ensure you have gutter protection to prevent gutter damage, which can eventually affect your faux brick siding.

Make sure to consult with experts to know which type of brick siding suits your home and your needs. Don’t forget to consider your budget as well since real brick siding and faux brick siding have a significant difference in terms of costs.

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