Ideas to Modernize Your Colonial Home

Remodeling a traditional Colonial home into a modern residence need not be difficult. These beautiful pieces of American history can be retrofitted with modern trappings that make them not only a sight to behold, but also a joy to live in.

However, adding modern touches to your Colonial home, such as an awning replacement window, poses a challenge: how do you remodel your 1940’s Colonial home to have modern features without it losing its traditional style? These ideas, courtesy of the remodelling experts from Asher Lasting Exteriors, will help you do just that.

Focus on Maintaining the Legacy Look

If you want your Colonial home to retain its traditional style, do your best to retain its legacy look while adding some modern features. New siding, trim and replacement windows can be added without introducing a major redesign. With plans at hand, you can also ask neighbors and the neighborhood if the proposed look still retains the home’s traditional feel even with the new features. They know what to say.

Use Windows

Traditional Colonial homes often feature homey interiors in warm colors. Modern homes, on the other hand, usually feature contemporary, minimalistic designs with bright colors that take advantage of natural light.

You can add replacement vinyl windows to some areas of your home to allow more light to enter, resulting in brighter interiors. Replacing your doors with patio doors or French doors will also help in letting more natural light in.

Open Spaces

Does your traditional Colonial home have a back porch that seems to prevent light from entering in? Are there any areas inside the home that do nothing but make the interiors look darker and cramped? Tear those down and add more open spaces instead.

Doing this not only allows more natural light to enter, but it also makes the house feel bigger and look wider. Your interiors won’t look empty, rather, they’ll look like you have more living space that you can customize.

If you’re looking for help adding a modern touch to your Colonial home, turn to Asher Lasting Exteriors. We offer quality services for door, windows and gutters. Call us at (715) 832-7282 or fill up our contact form to get a free estimate. We are based in Eau Claire, WI, and serve clients in neighboring areas including Black River Falls.