Cosmetic vs. Functional Improvements: Which Matter More?

Homeowners who are selling their homes invest in major home improvements to increase their properties’ resale value. However, this isn’t guaranteed that all upgrades can attract potential buyers.

Thorough research is important when planning upgrades for your property. In this post, your local gutters contractor, Asher Lasting Exteriors discusses which is more important between cosmetic and functional improvements when it comes to selling a house.

Cosmetic Upgrades

How your house looks is a relevant factor in selling a property, but this isn’t what the improvements should be about.

Many homeowners overspend on renovations that make their homes look the way they prefer. You should keep in mind that not everyone has the same style and preferences as you. Consider your target market when improving the property.

The upgrades should be suitable in the area where the house is built. In addition, having too many add-ons in the property like pools and additional landscaping can increase maintenance costs, which is one of the major things potential buyers consider.

Functional Upgrades

Remember that you don’t have to upgrade everything.  You should invest in home improvements that can actually increase your property’s resale value.

Focus on universally appreciated renovations, usually the most functional areas in a house, like kitchens, bathroom and the master bedroom.

Exterior maintenance and improvements are also important. You can increase your home resale value by repairing or replacing gutters and siding. Get your gutter protection and replacement from a reliable contractor like Asher Lasting Exteriors.

Other improvements that can provide significant returns include attic insulation, a new garage door and a steel entry door. Updating your electrical and plumbing is a simple way to greatly increase the resale value.

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