Why Copper Gutters Never Go Out of Style

Why Copper Gutters Never Go Out of Style

Gutters come in many different materials, but copper never goes out of fashion. A widely used metal for centuries, it remains a favorite among discerning homeowners and builders to this day. 

Why Copper Gutters Never Go Out of Style

Today, Asher Lasting Exteriors expounds on the top reasons that copper, as a gutter material, is still best in class:

It Looks Enchanting

Copper adds glamor to otherwise characterless gutters and downspouts. The rustic charm of this old-world metal is hard to miss, lending visual interest to your outdoor space. If your home boasts a traditional or transitional style, the architectural allure of copper never fails to delight.

Furthermore, copper has a “living” patina. Its reddish-brown surface turns bright green after developing a special lining with years of exposure to the elements.

It Stands the Test of Time

It’s no accident many iconic buildings across the planet still sport their copper features after so many years. It owes its longevity to its unique mechanical properties, allowing it to maintain its structural integrity. Since it doesn’t contain iron, it never rusts; rather, its unique patina protects itself from corrosion. Like galvanized steel seamless gutters, copper gutters don’t sag with proper installation.

It Is Eco-Friendly

Copper is a highly sustainable material. Part of its long history of success and relevance is its recyclability, letting it live countless lifetimes to eliminate the need for mining ore. In addition to lasting practically forever, you can rest assured that it won’t end up in landfills when it finally has to be replaced.

It Requires Little Maintenance

Unlike other materials, copper can perform as advertised without requiring frequent care and attention. That said, it pays to invest in gutter protection to prevent clogging and ensure free-flowing drainage.

Copper gutter installation isn’t a job you should entrust to anyone. At Asher Lasting Exteriors, we offer you not just an impressive range of products but also over 40 years of home improvement excellence. To get your project started, call us at (715) 204-4840 now to discuss your needs and receive a free estimate. We serve Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire, WI, as well as the nearby areas.