How to Prevent Gutter Corrosion

Your gutters perform a crucial role in keeping your home from getting inundated by massive amounts of rainwater. Any problems in your gutter and downspout systems could easily extend to other parts of your home, potentially causing significant damage. That’s why it’s important to use gutter protection and regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition all year-round.

Here are a few of the best gutter maintenance tips from our experts at Asher Lasting Exteriors.


One of the most common problems plaguing any system of seamless gutters is obstruction. Over time, debris such as dirt, leaves and branches can find their way inside the troughs and block the flow of water. With no other way to go, water can leak into your ceilings and cause it to sag, spill over to your siding and cause stains, or get into your foundations causing serious damage. Keep your gutters clear of any material that could impede the water flow to avoid any of these issues.

Patching Up

Unless your gutters are built with copper, it is vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Aluminum or iron-based alloys are especially prone to oxidation. Many manufacturers use a special anti-corrosion coating to prevent this from happening but any scrapes or scratches can still lead to corrosion problems later on. Inspect your gutters regularly and patch up any visible marks to minimize the formation of rust.

Starting From Installation

The best way to avoid any corrosion problem with your gutters is to make sure that they are installed correctly the first time around. It’s best to trust professionals to handle this work as they will be skilled and experienced enough to do it properly and with the right methods and materials.

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