How Does the Helmet Heat® Ice Reduction System Work?

How Does the Helmet Heat® Ice Reduction System Work?

Ice dams are a common occurrence on most homes during winter. They happen when snowmelt freezes at the eaves and turns into ice. When left unattended, they can cause your gutters to pull away from your home. It can also damage your roof because ice can back up under the shingles and trap water on the surface. It can then infiltrate the structure, causing leaks and wood rot.

The formation of ice dams is usually a result of poor attic ventilation and gutter clogs. Fortunately, you can now get ahead of this problem when you supplement your Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system with Helmet Heat®. Let Asher Lasting Exteriors explain its features and benefits:

Features of Helmet Heat

The Helmet Heat ice reduction system is a smart solution to the issues caused by snow and ice buildup along your gutters and roofline. It comes with the following features:

  • Heavy-Duty, Commercial-Grade, Self-Regulating Heat Cable (120v/140v). At the center of the system lies the heat cable with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) over the jacket. It’s self-regulating, which means its irradiated conductive core produces heat based on temperature changes. There’s no need for monitoring, making it safe and energy-efficient.

  • Control Box Options. You can select from two weatherproof junction box options that will fit your preferences.

  • Sleek Appearance. We install it beneath the gutter guards without exposing the cables. This helps maintain a neat look on your rooflines and gutters.

Advantages of Helmet Heat

Installing Helmet Heat spares you from extensive water damage because it lessens the formation of icicles that can pose safety risks. Furthermore, it keeps your gutters from sagging from the heft of snow. This means snowmelt can flow freely into your downspouts, allowing your home to stay structurally sound.

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