Why Thermal Windows Are Filled With Argon Gas

Insulated glass units or IGUs have been available for almost any type of windows for quite some time now. From a regular traditional double-hung to an awning replacement window, more and more styles and households are making the switch to these energy-efficient glazing options. IGUs are often double-paned to increase their thermal insulation. Some windows can even have three panes for a greater U-value. But what serves as its ultimate thermal protection comes from a microscopic layer of argon gas sandwiched between the glass.

What is argon gas and how does it help make your windows better? Our exterior remodeling professionals at Asher Lasting Exteriors have decided to investigate to see what it’s all about.

Why Argon Gas?

All thermal vinyl windows today are gas-filled for better energy efficiency. However, the question is, why argon? The answer is in the properties of this inert element. Argon gas is a noble gas, which means it doesn’t react readily with almost any other material. This means they can safely be placed in construction materials for years without having any noticeable effect. Because it’s a gas, it’s ability to transmit heat is much lower compared to other substances. Moreover, argon is also abundant and readily available, making it the best candidate to be used for window gas fills.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantage argon has over any other gas fills is its high U-value rating. This combined with the stellar performance of some types of windows can help homeowners maximize their energy savings. The gas layer also helps reduce condensation and frost on the glazing during changes in the weather and temperature. Its only disadvantage is that due to some manufacturing limitations, it’s slated to leak out of your windows at a rate of 1% every year, which means you will have to replace your windows eventually.

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