Smaller Warp-Prone Windows: The Problem With Vinyl

Vinyl windows are the most popular type of window on the market. However, you might be better off buying a more premium type of window, considering the many long-term problems with vinyl windows.

Asher Lasting Exteriors, your go-to company for seamless gutters, elaborates on some of the most common problems with vinyl windows.

Smaller Windows, Less Glass  

What you’re essentially doing when you get a vinyl replacement window is fitting a new window into an older window’s frame. Only parts of your old window are replaced; the older window’s frame remains and the vinyl window is fitted into it.

This naturally leads to a loss of glass area, but this problem is aggravated by vinyl’s flexibility. Vinyl isn’t sturdy enough to hold glass, so to compensate, manufacturers widen the frames of windows, lowering the already reduced glass area of your new window.

In fact, quite a few consumers have complained that their new vinyl windows are a lot smaller than their old windows.

Prone to Warping  

However, a smaller window glass area is the least of your problems. Vinyl frames are prone to warping when exposed to enough heat. Plus, the contraction and expansion brought about by temperature fluctuations can prevent them from opening properly.

Considering all of these issues, it would be better to buy a more premium option, like a composite Fibrex window by Renewal by Andersen. Fibrex is more resistant to temperature fluctuations than vinyl. And because it’s sturdier than vinyl, Fibrex frames are narrower and can hold more glass.

Some brands go further by providing fade- and peel-resistant features that ensure the aesthetic appeal of your new window lasts throughout its life span.

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