Multiple Panes in Window Glass: An Overview

The biggest factor when choosing windows is the glass type you’ll have, but Asher Lasting Exteriors stresses the window’s number of glass panes too. Some have single panes, most have two, and others still three.

In this post, we explain each of them in detail.

Single-Pane Glass 

The standard single-pane glass is the most commonplace and the cheapest. It provides less insulation, however, because it’s practically just a single barrier against heat gain. While single-pane glass is not a good match for homes with extreme weather, it can still be used in homes where temperatures do not fluctuate or in places not exposed to the outside light.

Double- and Triple-Pane Glass

Double- and triple-pane glasses are self-explanatory; they have several layers of glass. Asher Lasting Exteriors uses these, especially double-pane ones, for window replacement projects because of their enhanced insulation. Both are considered multi-pane glass and work great in different weather conditions.

Double- and Triple-Pane Features

The space between the panes is filled with an inert gas, such as argon and krypton, and each pane is secured by a spacer, usually non-conductive. While krypton is marginally more effective than argon, the latter is more favored because it can be made at a lower cost with a far greater yield. The combination of a gas fill and spacer, and the properties of the glass panes themselves, enhances the windows’ ability to resist heat transfer. Because of this, windows with such a feature are ideal for areas that experience great temperature variances.

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