New Creative Ways to Use Patio Doors in Your Home

Patio doors are actually more versatile than their name would suggest. Their sleek and modern design lends itself well for use as hinged entry doors, balcony entrances or even as transitional entryways between indoor rooms. Of course, there will be some tweaks and modifications needed to get it to fit its new function, but that doesn’t say anything about whether or not it can’t be used in places other than the patio.

Here are a few clever ideas from our design specialists at Asher Lasting Exteriors about finding new and creative ways to use a patio door.

Complementing French Doors

French doors are one of the most popular styles among homeowners in recent years. Their simple elegance is the perfect welcome to anyone who enters a room. You can use French patio doors as a bedroom doorway that leads to an adjacent balcony, or even as a border between a kitchen and a formal dining area.

Combined With Windows

Patio doors adorned with transoms and sidelites can serve as an ideal entrance to your home. Transoms are horizontal windows that rest above doorways while sidelites are their vertical counterparts that go beside the door itself. Combining these distinct features can do wonders for your curb appeal and will surely have a unique impression on your guests.

Corridors of French Patio Doors

Give your home a functional makeover by lining an entire wall with French patio doors. While this can definitely give your home a modern twist, you might need to install some storm doors to help protect it against the elements. Regardless, this is still a good way to provide any room in your home an outstanding view of the outdoors.

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