Anatomy of Storm Doors: What Makes Them Weather-Resistant?

Storm doors are fixtures that can help bolster the home’s security, energy efficiency and curb appeal. Weather-resistance, however, is their most notable quality. Though optional, having them installed helps ensure the longevity and beauty of entry door systems. This article takes a closer look at the important components that enable storm doors to withstand the elements.

Thick Door Frames

Storm doors have thick framing to ensure their toughness and strength in protecting entry doors against harsh weather conditions. Denting and corrosion are minimal with this noteworthy feature.

Tempered Glass

This type of glass is not like the ordinary kind that shatters into small and sharp shards when broken. Instead, it crumbles into large granules without the jaggedness that may cause a person to get injured. This component is essential for storm doors since it can resist damage from impact better than regular glass.

Fade-Resistant Finish

Exposure to the elements doesn’t matter for some storm doors, so much so that they are still able to retain their beauty. They are, in fact, painted and finished to resist fading and scratching. That’s one way to know that these doors don’t require much maintenance.

Storm Doors From ProVia

ProVia’s storm door systems have all the features mentioned above. These doors have a multi-hollow construction, with an aluminum wall that is 20% thicker than industry standards. This limits the chances of dents and corrosion.

A variety of finishes and colors are also available, all of which are covered under the company’s Lifetime Finish Warranty to ensure that they retain their appearance without the need for maintenance. Plus, they all have a bottom sweep, a component that protects hinged entry doors from drafts and creates additional energy efficiency for the home.

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