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Eco-Friendly Durability: Seamless Steel Siding’s Benefits

While shopping for new siding, not a lot of homeowners consider steel as one of their options. There’s a misconception that steel siding is more suitable for commercial buildings, but it’s just as suitable for use in residential homes.

Eco-Friendly Durability: Seamless Steel Siding’s Benefits

It’s a shame that homeowners are missing out on the benefits of seamless steel siding, a more specialized form of steel. Asher Lasting Exteriors, your go-to company for storm doors, elaborates on the advantages of this special type of siding below.

Persistent Durability

Unlike other more popular metals like aluminum, seamless steel siding is resistant to bumps and dents; all of which are common issues with siding. In fact, with proper maintenance, seamless steel can easily last up to 40 years.


A key aspect of seamless steel’s durability is its resistance to temperature fluctuations. Unlike more well-known siding materials, most notably vinyl, steel won’t warp even when exposed to high temperatures.


Another common problem among homeowners is pest-infested siding; small animals and pests might eat away at your siding and build their nests there. Luckily, seamless steel is virtually immune to pest damage.


With eco-friendly doors, windows and home features gaining popularity, you’ll be glad to know that steel is an eco-friendly material. A portion of most steel siding is made from recycled steel, and even if it isn’t, it can always be recycled at the end of its life span.


Of course, like any other metal, steel can be susceptible to rust. However, ABC Seamless has a special coating to protect your siding from corrosion.

Considering seamless steel for your new siding? Asher Lasting Exteriors, a contractor with an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau and A rating on Angie’s List, offers premium steel siding as well as a variety of doors, including storm doors and hinged entry doors. To get a free estimate, call us at (715) 204-4840 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Menomonie and Eau Claire, WI.

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