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How to Pick Durable Siding for Your Home

We all know that siding protects our homes, but how important is its role exactly? Asher Lasting Exteriors, your go-to company for hinged entry doors in the state, elaborates further below. 

The Interior Structure’s First Line of Defense Against the Elements

Your siding protects your interior, and more importantly, its structure against the elements. Plus, siding can act as support of sorts for beams that were compromised by moisture or rot. (Keep in mind that this is just as stop-gap measure. Eventually, you’ll need to have a contractor look at the compromised frame.)

Picking the Right Kind of Siding 

Since your home’s siding is its first line of defense against the sun and rain, you need to carefully choose which kind of siding to install. Remember, replacing damaged parts of your home is easier, not to mention less expensive, than doing an extensive overhaul of your house’s structural support. To help you pick the right siding for your area’s climate, we’ve listed below some of the most common types. 

Brick and Stone 

If your budget isn’t too much of an issue, we recommend installing brick-and-stone siding. Classic brick and stone siding can handle extreme temperatures and weather easily. Plus, it doesn’t need a lot of upkeep to maintain its durability. 


Steel shakes would be a better choice for homes in sunny climates. This type of siding can block UV-rays and provide all-around protection against the elements thanks to its weather-tight composition. 

Seamless Steel 

If you want energy-efficient siding that’s just as durable as the aforementioned two, we recommend seamless steel siding. Insulation is added to steel siding to make sure your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Other Things to Consider 

Keep in mind that your siding also plays a large role in determining your curb appeal as well, so you need to make sure it complements the rest of your exterior, including your windows and doors

Having trouble picking a type of siding? Consulting one of your local contractors can help. Just make sure to ask an experienced one. 

Asher Lasting Exteriors, a contractor with more than 45 years’ worth of experience, offers a wide variety of doors and windows, including storm doors. To request a free estimate, call us at (715) 204-4840 or leave us a message here. We serve homeowners in Eau Claire and Menomonie, WI. 

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