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How Helmet Heat® and Gutter Helmet® Prevent Ice Dams

It’s important to keep your gutters clear of obstructions to avoid the dangers of ice dams. These formations can cause water runoff to seep underneath your shingles, leading to costly water damage.

Gutter Protection

Fortunately, Asher Lasting Exteriors can protect your gutters with Gutter Helmet® and Helmet Heat®. Gutter Helmet is a gutter protection system that prevents debris from entering and blocking your gutters. Meanwhile, Helmet Heat complements this by thawing ice dams.

Learn more about them below.

Ice Dam Formation

Ice dams form when the air inside your attic is warmer than outside temperature. This causes snow to melt at the upper portions of your roof. Once this snow flows down your roof edge and reaches your gutters, which are colder than the attic, it then freezes into an ice dam.

Clogged gutters can make this ice buildup worse. A thick enough ice dam can block the melting water from the warm roof and cause it to flow under your shingles. This can damage the underlayment and eventually cause a roof leak. Prevent ice dams by making sure your attic is well-insulated and by installing our gutter protection products.

Benefits of Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat

Gutter Helmet is an effective gutter protection system because of its unique and innovative design. Its nose-forward design has no vertical openings and completely covers your gutters. Its special shape allows it to take advantage of the principle of surface tension. When rain falls on your roof, it will flow over Gutter Helmet’s curved edge directly into your gutters. Leaves, sticks, other debris couldn’t enter your gutters because there are no vertical openings.

Helmet Heat is a self-regulating heating cable that automatically activates during cold temperatures. We can install this device together with Gutter Helmet to protect your home from ice dams. When the temperature grows colder, Helmet Heat activates and increases your gutters’ temperature, dissolving the ice. This ensures that your gutters and roof edge will be free from ice dams. Helmet Heat is perfectly safe and doesn’t require monitoring. Since it automatically activates and turns off, it also won’t waste energy.

In addition to Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat, we can install high-quality seamless gutters for your home, which makes us the leading choice for exterior remodeling in the area. We have decades of experience in thousands of projects in Eau Claire, and Chippewa Falls, WI. Call us at (715) 204-4840 to learn more about Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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