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When to Replace Your Front Door

Front door

Doors last years, so they’re not typically the first home renovation project people think of. But just like everything else, eventually entry doors become worn or outdated. Though this affects curb appeal, it’s important to note that it creates a potential security risk for your family.

So, when do you know it’s time to replace your front door? First, ask these questions:

1. Is the door hard to open? The door could be sticking in the door jamb or the hinges could be off. If you can see light coming through along any of the edges, even when the door is shut, you’ll probably need to replace it.

2. Is there rust? Rust indicates moisture, which immediately translates to replacement. Steel doors are not galvanized on the inside, so rust comes from the inside out, and that can lead to rot or mold in the core or the frame.

3. Is it still drafty after weatherstripping or adding door sweeps? These are quick DIY solutions to help keep heat inside, but they need to be replaced periodically and may still allow drafts. If that’s the case, the permanent solution is a full front door replacement.

4. Are there visual issues like warping, cracking, or water damage? Doors get banged up regularly: people kick them when bringing in luggage or groceries; extreme temperature changes cause warping, stress fractures, or peeling paint; and water or insect damage creates soft spots that easily break apart.

Not only are these security issues, but they also reduce your energy efficiency and are vulnerable areas where even more damage can occur. Replace the door to avoid further issues.

5. Are there hardware issues? Squeaky hinges or a broken lock may be indications that the door is beginning to fail and needs to be replaced.

6. Do you just need something different? The cost of a new door is recouped by added curb appeal, but even if you’re not selling, the front door makes a first impression in the same way as roofing or landscaping. If your door mismatches the rest of the home, if you hate the color, or if you just want an upgrade, replace it.

If you’re still unsure, rather than trying to determine “how bad” the problems of your current door are, think about the potential benefits of a new door: more curb appeal, better security, higher energy efficiency, and an easier time entering or exiting.

Time to Replace a Door?

If you’ve decided to replace your entry door, don’t DIY. You’ll likely need to replace the door frame since it probably has the same issues as the door. In addition to having the correct tools and materials, professionals have enough experience and familiarity with the different manufacturers to do a replacement quickly and easily.

If you’re ready for an upgrade, Asher Lasting Exteriors offers architectural details, interesting hardware, and decorative glass options for a truly unique door that draws in viewers. Ask us for a free quote and our consultants will help you select the right door for your home!

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